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0001 542413 genesis mod6 TRB Genesis
0002 542413 bitcoin-asciilifeform.1 asciilifeform QT_GUI removal
0003 542413 rm_rf_upnp ben_vulpes Removal of UPnP
0004 542413 bitcoin-asciilifeform.2 asciilifeform Removal of SSL from http service
0005 542413 bitcoin-asciilifeform.3-turdmeister-alert-snip asciilifeform Removal of alert spam
0006 542413 bitcoin-asciilifeform.4-goodbye-win32 asciilifeform Win32 removal
0007 542413 asciilifeform_orphanage_thermonuke asciilifeform Drop orphans on the floor
0008 542413 asciilifeform_tx-orphanage_amputation asciilifeform Remove orphan processing
0009 542413 asciilifeform_dnsseed_snipsnip asciilifeform Abandon the DNS seeding mechanism
0010 542413 bitcoin-v0_5_3-db_config mod6 Add BDB configuration options
0011 542413 asciilifeform_zap_hardcoded_seeds asciilifeform Remove hardcoded node seeds
0012 542413 bitcoin-v0_5_3_1-static_makefile_v002.8 mod6 Add static makefile options
0013 542413 asciilifeform-kills-integer-retardation asciilifeform Fix integer type problems
0014 542413 asciilifeform_zap_showmyip_crud asciilifeform Abolishes the '' idiocy; Prerequisite for the total removal of all instances of DNS invocation
0015 542413 bitcoin-v0_5_3_1-rev_bump ben_vulpes Bump version number to
0016 542413 asciilifeform_and_now_we_have_block_dumper_corrected asciilifeform Add 'dumpblock' RPC command
0017 542413 asciilifeform_dns_thermonyukyoolar_kleansing asciilifeform Abolishes all invocations of DNS
0018 542413 mod6_fix_dumpblock_params mod6 Constrain the 'dumpblock' parameters
0019 542413 asciilifeform_ver_now_5_4_and_irc_is_gone_and_now_must_give_ip Bump version to 0.5.4; Remove IRC seeder and hooks; Removal of mechanisms for determining own external IP
0020 542413 asciilifeform_maxint_locks_corrected asciilifeform Set BDB configuration options to max
0021 542413 asciilifeform_and_now_we_have_eatblock asciilifeform Add 'eatblock' RPC command
0022 542413 asciilifeform_lets_lose_testnet asciilifeform Removal of Testnet
0023 542413 asciilifeform_add_verifyall_option asciilifeform Add 'verifyall' flag
0024 542413 programmable-versionstring asciilifeform Add two optional command-line flags to change the version string and number
0025 542413 malleus_mikehearnificarum asciilifeform Ban peers when attempting to issue unsupported commands
0026 542413 mod6_der_high_low_s mod6 Add command-line flags to set Low-S or High-S
0027 542413 makefiles mod6 Add makefiles to build entire TRB
0028 542413 asciilifeform_aggressive_pushgetblocks asciilifeform Issue PushGetBlocks command to any peer that issues 'version' command
0029 614342 trb_keccak_regrind mod6 Not a vpatch, whole TRB tree keccak regrind; Also removes UTF-8 char from original genesis.vpatch
0030 614347 mod6_privkey_tools mod6 Adds privkey tools
0031 614351 mod6_manifest mod6 Adds TRB manifest; Updates version comments
0032 616451 mod6_phexdigit_fix mod6 Adds missing comma to separate values in the phexdigit array in util.cpp.
0033 617254 mod6_excise_hash_truncation mod6 Regrind of ben_vulpes original; Removes truncation of hashes printed to TRB log file
0034 617255 mod6_whogaveblox mod6 Regrind of asciilifeform original; Record the origin of every incoming candidate block (whether accepted or rejected)